Karl Pilkington: Speed Painting

22nd November 2011

My name is Monica Kreitz and i am a graphic artist and animator, Don't stop reading!

Big fan of the TV show "An Idiot Abroad" and I just loved this face expression Karl made when he was sitting and complaining about that he didn't want to bear any leaf pants, he looks so miserable!!, the poor man hehe. So I decided to paint that moment but also because I saw on you tube that no one had done a speed painting of Karl yet, so why not give him one.

Click here to watch the video...

The painting is made in Photoshop and it took about three hours to paint.The small picture up in the left corner are an print screen from the show "An Idiot Abroad". There is no music or sound to the video but i would have liked to have ad when Karl are talking or when he is hum/singing with the Mongolian people hehe.

I hope you like the painting!